Monday, November 10, 2008


Jake & Coach Dad had a great football season, the ended the season 8-0 --they were conference champs....then came the SUPER BOWL....the a team they had previously beaten...Jake was devasteated (see top).
They had a great team, great group of coaches and overall a fantastic season!!


Eric didn't have much time for rest, he was cast as the role of Drake the Mallard Duck in the musical HONK! by the A.C.T.T. with the Springfield Theatre Center. His show ran the last two weekends in October and received RAVE reviews. Jakob auditioned for WILLY WONKA and got the role of a lead Oompa Loompa, his show runs December 5, 6, 7, 11, 14, 15 & 16, 2008. Eric will also be performing the weekend of Dec 5 & 6, 2008 in his High School Madrigal where he plays one of two pesky court jesters!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Corey's Birthday Party

Corey's Bday & More

We all dined out for Corey's Bday and yes, that's Eric girlfriend, Carly and she joined us as well. Next weekend is Homecoming and Eric is taking Carly! (aww...) She's a very smart, nice and talented girl who comes from a wonderful family whom we got to know over the course of Les Miserables!
Everyone has been so busy...
Eric is preparing for another show, "HONK!" he plays the part of "Drake the Mallard Duck", he is also running on the LHS Cross Country team again this year (3-5 miles daily!!), participating in the LHS Show Choir and working a part time job bussing tables still at Jimmy Oh's.
Jakob has started the 6th grade--he is playing Football on the Springfield Rams, he was recently invited to apply for the IMSA E2K+ program at school--it's an after school program affiliated with The Math & Science Academy in Aurora, he has turned in his application packet and essay and should be finding out within the next week or so whether or not he was accepted. fifty-two (52) 6, 7 & 8th graders were invited and only 30 will be accepted. Jake was one of twelve 6th graders. They were picked based on their math and schience ISAT scores--they had to be in the top 20%. So keep your fingers crossed--he's quite excited and hopeful!! If he gets in this year it's an automatic through the 8th grade!
I've been busy with a new project at IDOT--Operation Teen Safe Driving--this is the 2nd year of the program and I've been added to the team and well--it's a subject close to my heart (Eric took drivers ed this summer) so I really am enjoying my work these days. I've been battling an inner ear infection which of course seems to affect EVERYTHING--balance etc--so I feel like a HOT MESS lately!! Otherwise everything else is great!
Corey is still coaching Jake's football team and keeping busy at work (Levi, Ray & Schoup--Sports Recruitment Software Department), lately with everyone's activites we seem to just barely cross path's!! With Eric and Jake doing so well in their math and science classes--I am so grateful for Corey's Math degree--Eric is in Geometry --and I don't think I could BEGIN to help him with his homework! He saves the hard questions for "OD" and they work on them together. He is fantastic at helping the boys with their homework!
Well...ta ta for now!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Les Miserables

Let me begin with just a "WOW"! Eric and Jakob were both cast in the "ALL CITY MUSICAL" (comprised of kids from all three public high-school's here in town) of Les Miserables, and let's just say there is a lot of young talent in this town!
The show ran a total of 4 nights, many who came and saw mentioned they could not believe it was High School sudents up on the stage! These kids put SO much into this show, they spent much of their summer break in rehearsals and assisting with the sets!
Jakob played the role of Gavroche--and well, yes I am slightly biased but he really did a great job. Eric played many supporting roles and again--I thought he did amazing!! As did everyone else in the show!! Looks like they will be auditioning for HONK next....I'll be sure to update!!
Enjoy what is left of the summer!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Catching's been a busy Summer!!

Well, we are half way through July so far and it's been busy! We had another fantastic 4th of July we spent the day at Joe's house. (pic's above..)
Eric started and completed Drivers Ed as well as Consumer Ed in Summer School. Now armed with his learner's permit he is successfully giving me several grey hairs!! (for some reason he doesn't like red lights??) I have come to the conclusion that the new law which requires him to have his permit for 9 months really isn't a bad thing! He turns 16 in November but due to that new law he isn't able to apply for his license until April 11, 2009. (whew.) Eric has also landed a job, he will be bussing tables and hosting at Jimmy Oh's a new fine dining restaurant here in town--not too many hours we don't want to cramp his rehearsal schedule nor his place on the cross country team but he wants to work a night or two a week! OH and he got braces too!!

Jakob attended SHG Football camp last week and began practice this week with the Springfield RAMS! It's hard to believe it's "that time again". With yet another promotion under his belt at work Corey was really struggling with whether to Coach or not, in his true style he could not simply let it go so he opted to stay on and assist as long as they found another head coach.

Les Miserables is less than two weeks away. Pre-sell of tickets has begun, and yes before you ask we have ours (and yes..I will be there all 3 nights!)! We have a lot of friends and family traveling just to come and see Eric and Jake perform! We are all getting very excited. Corey, Patti and I have all been volunteering our time on the weekends towards getting the set built and assisting with props. It's truly been a family affair!

Thanks to all of our friends and family for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes!